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In recognition of Men's Health Month, let's raise awareness of sports injuries common among male athletes. Whether playing baseball, football or soccer, athletes are at risk for an injury during a practice or game. Some injuries are more common than others and seen the most among athletes. Sports injuries can range from mild sprains and strains to debilitating injuries that put male athletes out of the game.

For men, the most common sports injuries include:

  • Sprains & Strains are common among men who play sports like football, hockey and basketball. Baseball players are prone to soft tissue injuries, with muscle pulls from pitching or ligament injuries from sudden starting and stopping of running cause bruising, swelling, pain, and poor movement of the joint and muscle.
  • Fractures are also a common injury among male athletes, with intensity ranging from a small hairline fracture to a complete break. Whether sliding into home base or knocking the ball out of the park, fractures can easily occur. Knee Injuries- When it comes to sports, the knees are very vulnerable to injury for men. Knee injuries commonly occur due to overuse, over extension, direct impact, and sudden stop and go. Meniscus tears, ACL tears, and Patellar Tendonitis are just a few of the many injuries that can damage a male athlete out on the field or court.
  • Shoulder Injuries are very common in sports that require a lot of throwing and swinging. Baseball is a great example of a sport that puts an intense amount of strain on the shoulder, causing rotator cuff injuries specifically.
  • Tennis & Golf Elbow are due to overuse of the muscles and tendons in the forearm. Golf and tennis elbow can flare up with overplaying with repetitive arm movement. Thai conditions can cause burning and swelling in the joint, stiffness when extending the arm, and pain when twisting the arm.

Male athletes can be tough on themselves, enduring pain and minimizing injuries. However, it is important for men to take preventative measures to care for their bodies, especially their joints, to perform at a high level. Athletes should always have proper training, conditioning, and knowledge of injury prevention strategies. Timely medical intervention with a qualified orthopedist specializing in sports medicine is crucial for optimal performance and long-term health.

AUTHOR: Dr. Anup Shah is a board-certified, fellowship-trained Sports Medicine Orthopedic surgeon specializing in Knee and Shoulder Surgery in Phoenix, Arizona at Banner Health. Dr. Shah uses a patient-centric and an evidence-based approach to help his patients achieve their desired goals.

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