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Anup Shah, MD

To My Patients
Anup Shah, MD

I am excited to start my practice in Phoenix and be a part of this amazing community.

After ten years of providing orthopedic care in Houston, I have relocated my practice to Phoenix, Arizona at the Orthopedic Sports Medicine Institute at Banner Health.

It has been a pleasure caring for each of my patients, and I am grateful to the patients, physicians, physician assistants, and staff members in Texas that have been a tremendous support over the years.

Thank you for entrusting me with your healthcare - it is an honor.

I dedicate this blog to my patients to provide important educational information on Orthopedic Sports Medicine, Knee and Shoulder Surgery. As a seasoned team physician for professional and collegiate sports, I understand the athlete’s mindset. I am committed to helping educate my patients for better outcomes, and safe return to sports and an active lifestyle.

Learn about important tips on injury prevention, and treatment options, using the latest medical technology to treat weekend warriors, high school students, and athletes.

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    Variation in technique and postoperative management of the Latarjet procedure among orthopedic surgeonsRead More

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    Risk factors for hardware removal following operative treatment of middle- and distal-third clavicular fracturesRead More

  • Sports Medicine

    Hemarthrosis resulting from venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in the postoperative ambulatory orthopedic sports medicine patientRead More

  • ACL Reconstruction

    TightRope Versus Biocomposite Interference Screw for Fixation in Allograft ACL Reconstruction: Prospective Evaluation of Osseous Integration and Patient OutcomesRead More

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    Posterior capsular rupture causing posterior shoulder instabilityRead More

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    Arthroscopic biceps tenodesis to supraspinatus tendonRead More

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    Shoulder arthroplasty for the treatment of rotator cuff insufficiencyRead More

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    Radiographic results of femoral tunnel drilling through the anteromedial portal in anterior cruciate ligament reconstructionRead More

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    Arthroscopic latarjet procedure.Read More

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    Failure rate of Achilles tendon allograft in primary anterior cruciate ligament reconstructionRead More

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    The strength and effects of humeral rotation on single- versus double-row repair techniques in small rotator cuffRead More

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    Radiofrequency and its effect on suture strengthRead More

  • Femoral Interference

    Recessed femoral interference screws in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. Read More

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